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Hitting prospects–final numbers

This is a ranking based on total bases, walks, steals and games played. It takes the sum of total bases + walks + SBs, adjusts it slightly, and divides by games played to arrive at a score, according to which the players are ranked. (Hitting prospects are starters, not pinch hitters or defensive replacements, so […]

Samardzija for Almora?

There’s a lot of excitement about the Cubs’ acquiring toolsy shortstop Addison Russell, who is at or near the top of a couple of major prospect lists; and while I’m excited along with everybody else, it still sticks in my mind that, not very long ago in 2012, when the new front office conducted its […]

Kids doing fine

I buy into the current Cubs’ front-office’s promises to build a championship-caliber team in due course, and am on-board with their timetable for success, even if it means enduring another uncompetitive season. But as the proprietor of a blog that has followed the progress of Cub prospects for going on six years now, I recognize […]

Jaramillo, why . . . must we say goodbye?

A few months ago I wrote in these pages that there is a secret to hitting, and that Tyler Colvin, “lacking either the native intelligence or the proper coaching, has not been able to follow the clues that lead to that secret.” Rudy Jaramillo was Colvin’s only hitting instructor with the Cubs, just as he […]

Top hitting prospects

Below is a table listing the eight top position prospects for the Cubs in 2012, along with a similar table from a year ago. The data in both tables is taken directly from the prospect tables in the right margin of this webpage, except that I have removed the rows for players who are too […]


People who point out that Jed Hoyer traded for Anthony Rizzo often fail to mention that it was Theo Epstein who dealt him. And sure, Jason McLeod drafted Rizzo, but that was only in the sixth round. In any case, all of that happened before Rizzo got 153 PAs in the majors in 2011. Apparently […]

Taking names

If fans were expecting a shakeup after Tom Ricketts took over as chairman of the Cubs late in 2009, they had to wait until the third week of August 2011 to learn that general manager Jim Hendry had been terminated a month earlier. (Hendry was held over for a month to attend to unfinished business, […]

Looking forward to 2012

After consulting, apparently, the Mayan calendar, baseball’s cognoscenti determined that Sunday, July 31st, would be the end of the world for the Chicago Cubs, coinciding with the major-league trading deadline; or, less metaphorically, that the Cubs’ GM would dispose of every remotely tradeable player on the team just before being disposed of himself. Management would […]

Walk, don’t run

Looking at his numbers–a .310 BA and a .422 OBP–you would say that Fukudome was doing his job as a leadoff hitter. Never an admirer, even I will admit to being impressed at Fukudome’s ability to (a) coax balls out of pitchers who are not missing the strike zone to anyone else, and (b) somehow […]

2011 roster

I believe that, ultimately, Tim Wilken saves the Cubs, so my assessment of the 2011 Cub roster coming out of spring training would have to begin with the question, How did the Wilken guys do? They did pretty well. Of course, I would prefer that Brandon Guyer, fifth-rounder in 2007 and Cub minor-league player of […]