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Future mortgaged? At least the rates are low

I like prospects, and I have made a fuss on this blog about Guyer and Chirinos in particular. Chirinos got my attention in ’09 when he hit two grand slams in a game in late May, and then kept hitting. Disappointed when the Cubs failed to protect Chirinos from the Rule 5 draft in ’09, […]


Lou Piniella says his pitching coach won’t let him keep fewer than twelve pitchers on the 25-man active roster. That leaves thirteen position players, of whom ten, I would say, have already made the team. The ten includes two catchers (Soto, Hill), four infielders (Lee, Fontenot, Theriot, Ramirez) and four outfielders (Soriano, Byrd, Fukudome, Nady). […]

Warning signs about Fukudome

Looking back to December ’07, this news item is noteworthy: [Pacific rim scout Steve] Wilson and several members of the Cubs’ front office watched Fukudome play many times this season, and they came away impressed enough to make him the Cubs’ No. 1 off-season target. Hendry credited Wilson, along with assistant GM Randy Bush and […]

Open the window

I’m very glad Jim Hendry pushed himself away from the table at the winter meetings. In post-mortem remarks to Tribune reporter Phil Rogers, Hendry discussed–very refreshingly, I thought–what the impact of the trade would have been on the team three or four years out. Hendry said he was looking beyond the 2009 team when he […]

Fire the coaches, trade the big dude

I’ve written everything that I think needs to be said about Larry Rothschild and the Wuertz-ification of the Cubs’ staff, except to offer some historical perspective: when Rothschild coached the Marlin staff in ’97 and they won the Series, Cleveland scored 44 runs in 7 games, or 6.3 per game. I’d rather turn my attention […]

Cubs, Dodgers 2008 baserunning

These are full-season numbers. The column groupings are explained here. Cubs 1. 1st->3rd on single 2. score from 1st on double 3. score from 2nd on single 4. score from 3rd, < 2 out 5. score from 1st, 0 out 6. totals Johnson 7 19 37% 4 8 50% 10 12 83% 13 17 76% […]

Cub baserunning stats

I’ve written a software program that combs through game logs and gathers baserunning data. The table below gives baserunning statistics for Cub regulars in games through August, 2008. The stats are divided into five columns, plus a sixth column for cumulative stats. Here is a description of the five baserunning results being monitored. 1) runner […]

Fontenot versus Fukudome

Five weeks ago I wrote a post suggesting that Mike Fontenot might begin to squeeze Mark DeRosa at second base. Fontenot’s numbers have improved since then, but DeRosa has responded in kind and will probably crack the fifteen home-run barrier for the first time in his career this season. DeRosa’s RBI and OBP numbers are […]

Fontenot versus DeRosa

As a longtime Fontenot fan, I thought today might be a good day to post this. A lot of Cub fans (on the blogs, at least) seem to consider Fontenot a left-handed version of Ryan Theriot, and they wonder why Lou plays him, sometimes at the expense of DeRosa. Actually, Fontenot is a left-handed version […]


When Felix Pie was sent to DesMoines two weeks ago, his parachute failed to open and he landed in a heap. He was oh-for-sixteen through four games when he got his first hit, an opposite-field homer. After Sunday’s two-hit performance, he now stands at 5 for 44, a .114 clip. He’ll do better, of course. […]