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Cub prospects at the ML level in 2013

The prospects we hear the most about these days have little relevance to a season-ticket holder at Wrigley this season, unless that fan also plans to take in games at Fifth Third Stadium in Geneva, IL, where the Kane County Cougars, the Cubs’ new Midwest League affiliate, will play their home games. Almora and Vogelbach […]

Looking forward to 2012

After consulting, apparently, the Mayan calendar, baseball’s cognoscenti determined that Sunday, July 31st, would be the end of the world for the Chicago Cubs, coinciding with the major-league trading deadline; or, less metaphorically, that the Cubs’ GM would dispose of every remotely tradeable player on the team just before being disposed of himself. Management would […]

Hill’s challengers

No one ever said Koyie Hill could hit. What they did say, especially following the 2009 season when Hill gunned down 20 of 50 would-be base stealers (40%), was that he could throw. Unfortunately for Hill and his supporters, that caught-stealing percentage plummeted to 18% in 2010. Full disclosure: I consider myself a long-time Hill […]

Future mortgaged? At least the rates are low

I like prospects, and I have made a fuss on this blog about Guyer and Chirinos in particular. Chirinos got my attention in ’09 when he hit two grand slams in a game in late May, and then kept hitting. Disappointed when the Cubs failed to protect Chirinos from the Rule 5 draft in ’09, […]

Who’s catching tonight? (revisited)

My recent post about Brandon Guyer and his fellow Tennessee speedsters included, as it turned out, a rash prediction at the very end. Here is that last paragraph: The real story to emerge from the minor-league campaign is that the Cubs needed a leadoff hitter and they now have Guyer, Campana and Jackson to choose […]

Is Guyer the guy? (Revisited)

The Cubs have any number of prospects having fine seasons, and so their choice of minor-league player of the year, Brandon Guyer, is noteworthy. If you glance at this list of former recipients of this award, you will see names that are familiar to Cub fans–Burke, Hoffpauir, Soto, Patterson (Eric), Dopirak, Choi, Jackson (Nic), Patterson […]

Trading season

With the late-July trading season approaching, the usual rule applies that you trade older, more expensive players at positions where you have a surplus. While I hope they make a few deals, this team does not need to be “blown up,” as some fans are saying. The Cubs won’t make the postseason, and the team […]

LBFC prospect rankings

I fancy myself a bit of a scout–a scout of the armchair, box-score persuasion, one who never set eyes on any of the players mentioned in this post unless they happened to be on WGN on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in March. The results of my scouting are tabulated, weekly during the season, in […]


When it develops its own players, a solid baseball organization also produces tradeable veterans. Tradeability is something of a foreign concept to Cub fans. It does not apply to high-profile flops, players you wish had never come in the door. Cub fans are quite familiar with players of that sort. Recent examples are Soriano, Fukudome, […]

Most likely to stick?

Word was out last week that nineteen Cubs not currently on the 40-man roster have been invited to spring training with the major-league team. Infielders: Barney, Camp, Castro, LaHair, Lalli, Scales, Vitters Outfielders: Jackson, Snyder Catchers: Chirinos, Clevenger, Robinson Pitchers: Cashner, Coleman, Diamond, Kennard, Mathes, Perkins, Russell Say hello to your 2010 Iowa Cubs!–with the […]