Pitching prospects 2011

The table below ranks pitchers according to what we call the Marmol Index, based on K/9 – H/9, or strikeouts per nine innings minus hits per nine innings.

Notes 5/16:
Of the top 25, 4 are at Iowa; 7 at Tennessee; 8 at Daytona; 6 at Peoria. Two of the Tennessee pitchers were promoted from Daytona recently. Not surprisingly, the team with the best record has the most pitchers in the top 25. Tennessee has the next best record, then Peoria.

Notes 5/25:
The top ten pitchers in the table this week with WHIPs below 1.35 are as follows:
1. Hatley
2. Rhoderick
3. Beliveau
4. Harman
5. Batista
6. Searle
7. Carillo
8. Maine
9. Kirk
10. Kurcz

Of these ten pitchers, only Kirk is a starter. The top five starters in the table, regardless of WHIP, are:
1. Kirk
2. Greathouse
3. Whitenack
4. Beeler
5. Rosscup

I have left Mateo, with only five innings, off of the top-10 list.

Notes 6/8:
With the June draft on everyone’s mind, I should note that the best-performing pitchers from the 2010 draft are Kevin Rhoderick, already at Tennessee, and Casey Harman. Rhoderick was a 9th-round pick, Harman a 29th rounder.

The best-performing starter from that draft is Dallas Beeler, who threw six scoreless innings last night in his first start for Tennessee after a double-jump from Peoria.

I am skipping over Kurcz and Greathouse, also from that draft, but they have fairly high walk totals, while Rhoderick, Harman and Beeler all have WHIPs below 1.

Notes 6/21:
Matt Loosen is new to the list and new to the top 10.

Zac Rosscup up from 23rd to 13th place.

Notes 7/1:
John Gaub named to PCL all stars. Hooray for Marmol Index!

Notes 7/26:
Likeliest pitchers to replace Grabow when/if traded: Gaub, Maine, Beliveau.

Starting pitchers in the top 20 of the Marmol Index: Loosen, Liria, Rosscup, Whitenack, Kirk. Whitenack is out for the season with TJ surgery. Rosscup, for reasons unknown, has not pitched since June 20. Greathouse and Kurcz sometimes start. Greathouse has excellent numbers and would be a promising young lefty except for his 70 walks in 73.1 innings, which occasioned his demotion to Boise. In its wisdom, the Marmol Index overlooks a pitcher’s walks.

Notes 8/18:
Patrick Franceson, drafted this June in the 40th round, has moved up to 12th in the rankings.

A hundred strikeouts: Kirk 109, Jokisch 105, Struck 100.