Mallee had one job

Cubs fire Mallee!

Good: he deserves it. He had one job, to straighten out Heyward.

Heyward’s swing is a little slow. To fix that he could swing faster–which Mallee had him working on all last winter–or he could swing sooner. Heyward doesn’t like to swing sooner, because he’s a thoughtful, patient man who doesn’t like to swing at a bad pitch, or swing early on a breaking ball, and risk looking like he was fooled.

To hell with looking foolish. On a hitter’s count, think fastball, go all-in, and get the barrel out front where the ball is. You’ll save the team money on bats that break when you make contact too close to the handle. You’ll also save fans at Wrigley disappointment when the drives that start out promisingly–big man, big swing, good launch angle–seem to hit a wall and drop straight down, because you didn’t get the barrel on them.

It’s not rocket science. I called for Mallee’s canning last year, and I’ll call for someone else’s head next year if he doesn’t do something about this elephant in the Cubs’ room.

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