Two-way baseball

A big Cub advantage and value-add (although it’s never mentioned) is that in the late innings, everybody out there can catch. Other teams are not so scrupulous about defense. Maybe the Brewers win the game Thursday if Broxton makes a fairly routine catch at the wall on Jay’s fly ball leading off the tenth. It would certainly be routine for Almora.

Teams deserve to lose if they don’t play two-way baseball. It’s a big advantage we’ll have over the Nats, too. It helps that Eaton is not expected to come back for the postseason. Michael Taylor plays CF like Broxton. I don’t think Turner is too great at SS, either. And Murphy, of course, is Uggla-ugly.

Alex Gonzalez, who shares 2003 Game 6, 8th inning NLCS ignominy with Bartman, was a Dusty-era bat-first shortstop.

Then there’s glove-first Javy, gaining maturity as a hitter, getting closer and closer, I think, to being the league’s MVP.

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