Trade bait

Russell, Baez and Happ are one middle infielder too many, and it will be interesting to see which one will be considered expendable, perhaps in the next offseason (or the one following) or perhaps much sooner if we consider Theo’s urge in the heat of July to push his chips toward the middle of the table. My expectation is that Baez and Happ stay.

Russell and (obviously) Baez are better gloves than Happ, but Happ can also get by in the outfield. And although any of three could become a slugger at some point, Happ came that way out of the box. It’s why they can’t get him out of the lineup. Even discounting his league-leading nine home runs in six weeks at Iowa, his thirteen for the Cubs project to forty over 600 at bats. With a 23rd birthday next month, Happ is six months younger than Russell, who is a year younger than Baez.

Most playoff games are tight, and that’s where Baez excels. He never tenses up. He might have found a permanent place at third base, but Bryant is showing himself fully equal to that job. On the principle that a player belongs at the hardest spot that he can handle competently, Bryant stays at third, Russell and Baez contend at shortstop, and whoever is left deals with Happ at second. It’s a bad time to be Ben Zobrist.

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