Will another shoe drop?

I knew they would trade Eloy, because that’s their MO, as long as they have a chance at the playoffs. The minor-league pitcher surprised me, because he’s supposed to be a stud and they need pitching, but Epstein tries not to rely on pitching prospects. So it was all inevitable once you appreciate Epstein’s boldness. He’s a real leader. The team will respond immediately to their leader’s aggressiveness.

I’m still amazed that last year he traded Gleyber Torres for a half season of Aroldis Chapman. I didn’t realize that was the case until, a few weeks after the World Series, Chapman said that the Cubs had never spoken a word to him about a contract. Theo would say they traded Torres for a parade.

That said, they could use another starting pitcher, and Baez wins the ultimate contest for value at shortstop (and now they have Happ to play second), so why wouldn’t Addison Russell be tradeable? The only answer to that is that Russell is having a down year professionally and personally.

Epstein’s boldness may be contagious, judging by how the Bears and Bulls behaved recently on draft days. I think it usually pays off, doesn’t it? Faint heart never won fair title.

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