Race not always to the swift

Greg Rohan was a 26-year-old corner infielder and occasional left fielder when he began the 2012 season at Daytona, where he had already played during the previous two seasons. The Cubs must have thought of him as pretty fringe-y at this point, given his age and level, and when they finally promoted him to Tennessee after half a season, he had already collected 12 home runs and 65 RBI. Rohan stayed hot at Tennessee and won a quick promotion to Iowa, where he homered twice in his debut and proceeded to knock in 18 runs in 15 games. Today his numbers stand at .285/.353/.496(/.849) for the season, with 19 HRs and 100 RBI.

Rohan may wear a fourth uniform before this eventful season ends. September call-ups were made for players like Rohan, good soldiers who never make a prospect list but are able to climb the ladder and even find success in the highest minors. Players with more promise usually find their way to the majors earlier in the season.

Interestingly, Rohan is the closest thing the Cubs have right now to a replacement for Soriano, whom the Cubs will be looking to trade before August 31, the deadline for a player to join a new team and be eligible for the postseason. Right now, Rohan is the best righty hitter with slugging tendencies to reach Iowa since the Cubs traded Brandon Guyer. (I am leaving Vitters out of the left-field equation for the time being, as I think the Cubs are doing.) Ty Wright is hurt. Sappelt is not a slugger, nor are Ha and Szczur. Does anyone wonder why the Cubs shelled out for Soler and Almora?

I hesitate to call Rohan a real prospect but he may soon find himself with a real opportunity.

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