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Trade an all-star, not a question mark

My list of Cub untouchables would be the guys who could be crazy-great, you’re just not sure (and the GM on the other side knows it), and so you’re liable to sell a little low and conclude a trade that you will regret later on. Schwarber is in that category, partly because of the injury […]

Pitching prospects — thru 7/9

This is an updated list (through July 9th) of Cub pitching prospects ranked according to the formula K9-(H9+BB9). That’s strikeouts per nine innings minus the sum of hits-per-nine and walks-per-nine. Note that the eight top-ranked starting pitchers are all from the lower minors, either class A South Bend (Casey Bloomquist, Kyle Miller, Preston Morrison, Ryan […]

Hitting prospects

Here is the first iteration of the list that will become the Cub hitting prospects for 2017, based entirely on minor-league numbers. The ranking is based on total bases, walks, steals and games played. It takes the sum of total bases + walks + SBs, adjusts it slightly, and divides by games played to arrive […]