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What’s the next level for Schwarber?

He needs to be challenged.

Hitting prospects 2015

This is a ranking system that considers a base that is stolen to be as valid a unit of offensive production as a base that is attained any other way. It takes the sum of total bases + walks + SBs, adjusts it slightly, and divides by games played to arrive at a score, according […]

Pitching Prospects 2015 (updated)

Here is an updated list, current through Monday, 8/10, of Cub pitching prospects ranked according to the formula K9-(H9+BB9). That’s strikeouts per nine innings minus the sum of hits-per-nine and walks-per-nine. Only two pitchers on the list–Carl Edwards, Jr., and David Berg–have strikeout totals that exceed the sum of hits allowed and walks surrendered. One […]