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In another venue, I made the observation that the vaunted Cub-Cardinal rivalry was not much of a rivalry from their point of view, that is, the view of the St. Louis team and its fans. After all, they have snagged eleven World Series titles since our most recent one in 1908. I was a bit […]

Pitching Prospects 2015

This is a chart that I have neglected for a couple of seasons. Without it, I find that I can’t keep track of the organizational who’s who in the pitching department. I always liked the simplicity of the approach in this table. I used to call this the Marmol Index. I subtracted hits per inning, […]

Cub-watching in Woodbridge, VA

I caught the Nationals-Pelicans (or Potomac-Myrtle Beach) game last Saturday evening. That was the game with the walk-a-thon seventh inning, when the Pelicans received six walks in a row and scored five runs on no hits or errors. The final score was Us 11, Them 1. MB is a solid winning team (31-16) with much […]