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Running prospects 2012

Players in the organization are ranked according to steals per game times success rate. Everyone with six or more steals as of the close of business on June 25 is shown here. Lake may not have been 100% after a month on the DL with a back injury. This would account for his lower-than-usual success […]

Hitting prospects 2012

This is a ranking system that considers a base that is stolen to be as valid a unit of offensive production as a base that is attained any other way. It takes the sum of total bases + walks + SBs, adjusts it slightly, and divides by games played to arrive at a score, according […]

Pitching prospects 2012

This is our first compilation of the Marmol Index for 2012. Here we use an adjustment to the original Marmol Index, which was simply K’s per 9 innings minus hits per 9 innings. Marmol deserved to have the index named for him since he always had the widest possible spread between strikeouts and hits-allowed. (We […]

Jaramillo, why . . . must we say goodbye?

A few months ago I wrote in these pages that there is a secret to hitting, and that Tyler Colvin, “lacking either the native intelligence or the proper coaching, has not been able to follow the clues that lead to that secret.” Rudy Jaramillo was Colvin’s only hitting instructor with the Cubs, just as he […]