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Somebody weigh Junior, please

Saturday night, the world-leading (38-12) high-A Daytona Cubs had a nice win at home. Down 5-0 in the sixth, the D-Cubs scored a couple, and the score stood at 5-3 in the seventh when Junior Lake homered with two on, two out, giving the Cubs the lead. With two outs in the eighth, Lake tripled […]


The Cub farm system is alive and well in spite of all the talk about its having been “gutted” by the Garza deal. Below is a table of win-loss records at the four minor-league levels for the six teams in the NL Central. The Cubs do significantly better than their rivals in this comparison. The […]

How to think about Vitters

On the powerhouse Tennessee Smokies, a team with a hitting line of .303/.362/.489 and an .851 OPS, Josh Vitters’ .229/.278/.390 (.668 OPS) sticks out. The playing time granted to Vitters demonstrates the difference between a good prospect and an important prospect. Vitters is very important to the Cubs, a team whose owner (if not the […]

Hitting prospects 2011

After a month of minor-league games, here is a list of Cub hitting prospects, ranked according to this formula: total bases + walks + stolen bases – games divided by games, to yield a “score” that determines the ranking. If my list of pitching prospects can be called the Marmol Index, this could perhaps be […]

Running prospects 2011

Players in the organization are ranked according to steals per game times success rate. Everyone with three or more steals at the close of business on May 6 is shown here. In case you think that players who run well are not coveted by major-league teams, five of the top ten finishers in last year’s […]

Pitching prospects 2011

Minor leaguers have been playing for about a month and have generated sufficient numbers for our first prospect ranking of the season. The table below ranks pitchers according to what we call the Marmol Index, based on K/9 – H/9, or strikeouts per nine innings minus hits per nine innings. John Gaub is in his […]