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Silva’s parting shot

The fact that he vented is more interesting than anything that he said. The outburst was not surprising, though, since you probably didn’t expect the Mariners to send you an Eagle Scout in exchange for Bradley. While everyone knows that Silva was linked to Bradley, few recall the chain of causation that connects both of […]

2011 roster

I believe that, ultimately, Tim Wilken saves the Cubs, so my assessment of the 2011 Cub roster coming out of spring training would have to begin with the question, How did the Wilken guys do? They did pretty well. Of course, I would prefer that Brandon Guyer, fifth-rounder in 2007 and Cub minor-league player of […]

Hill’s challengers

No one ever said Koyie Hill could hit. What they did say, especially following the 2009 season when Hill gunned down 20 of 50 would-be base stealers (40%), was that he could throw. Unfortunately for Hill and his supporters, that caught-stealing percentage plummeted to 18% in 2010. Full disclosure: I consider myself a long-time Hill […]