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LBFC Cub prospects for 2011

Here are the Lou Brock Fan Club top 25 hitting and top 25 pitching prospects for the Cubs entering the 2011 season. These tables follow closely the hitting- and pitching-prospect tables that we finalized at the close of the 2010 season, with the new tables reflecting several recent trades involving prospects. Like many, I suspect, […]

Still untradeable

Cub fans were encouraged when the Angels obtained Vernon Wells and his $86 million contract in a trade last week, since the Blue Jays were considered by many to be stuck with a contract as bad as Alfonso Soriano’s, now worth $72 million over the same four years. By next winter, Soriano’s list price goes […]

Future mortgaged? At least the rates are low

I like prospects, and I have made a fuss on this blog about Guyer and Chirinos in particular. Chirinos got my attention in ’09 when he hit two grand slams in a game in late May, and then kept hitting. Disappointed when the Cubs failed to protect Chirinos from the Rule 5 draft in ’09, […]