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Who’s catching tonight? (revisited)

My recent post about Brandon Guyer and his fellow Tennessee speedsters included, as it turned out, a rash prediction at the very end. Here is that last paragraph: The real story to emerge from the minor-league campaign is that the Cubs needed a leadoff hitter and they now have Guyer, Campana and Jackson to choose […]

Is Guyer the guy? (Revisited)

The Cubs have any number of prospects having fine seasons, and so their choice of minor-league player of the year, Brandon Guyer, is noteworthy. If you glance at this list of former recipients of this award, you will see names that are familiar to Cub fans–Burke, Hoffpauir, Soto, Patterson (Eric), Dopirak, Choi, Jackson (Nic), Patterson […]

Greatest game ever?

You’re the Iowa Cubs. You’re in Albuquerque in game eight of a nine-game road trip, trying to make it home still clinging to a slight edge over the fast-closing Memphis Redbirds (Cardinals), who will meet you in Des Moines this weekend for a season-ending, division-clinching four-game set. Two of your starting pitchers, Coleman and Diamond, […]