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Mariners outfielder Milton Bradley was ejected from Friday night’s game against the Reds at Goodyear Ballpark, marking the second straight spring contest from which he’s been tossed. On Friday night in the top of the fourth inning, Bradley, who started in left field and hit an RBI double in the first, appeared to dispute a […]


Lou Piniella says his pitching coach won’t let him keep fewer than twelve pitchers on the 25-man active roster. That leaves thirteen position players, of whom ten, I would say, have already made the team. The ten includes two catchers (Soto, Hill), four infielders (Lee, Fontenot, Theriot, Ramirez) and four outfielders (Soriano, Byrd, Fukudome, Nady). […]

LBFC prospect rankings

I fancy myself a bit of a scout–a scout of the armchair, box-score persuasion, one who never set eyes on any of the players mentioned in this post unless they happened to be on WGN on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in March. The results of my scouting are tabulated, weekly during the season, in […]