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Who’s catching tonight?

The Cubs’ starting pitchers have been lined up through the end of the season, but so far no announcement concerning the starting catchers, which might be the more useful information. While (except for newcomer Gorzelanny) the pitchers have pretty much the same record, the two catchers have win-loss records that diverge widely. Until very recently, […]

Jeff Stevens’ first win

I like Jeff Stevens in the 8th-inning mix next year, and was surprised when he gave up three runs in one inning (in his first ML win!) on Friday, so I watched the inning later on Very interesting. Votto and Phillips singled and Gomes hit a home run; but none of those three could […]

2009 pitching prospects

Prospects are ranked according to my Marmol Index, strikeouts-per-nine-innings minus hits-per-nine-innings. These are the best arms in the Cub minors, not necessarily the best pitchers. For one thing, I don’t use walks in the formula, although I list walks and calculate K/BB. Perhaps the Marmol Index slants toward relief pitchers, who throw harder when they’re […]

2009 running prospects

Here is a list of Cub prospects ranked according to stolen bases per game, also showing games, steals, caught stealing and success rate. I include only regular-season games played at Boise or above, no higher than Iowa. I would isolate two important groups here, those with SB/game ratios higher than .30–I’ll call them rabbits–and those […]

Hill redux

Koyie Hill, not that other fellow. It was the first week in August when, with Geovany Soto returning from the DL, Jim Hendry said about Hill, “We seem to win a lot of ballgames when he catches.” Piniella promised that Hill would start a decent percentage of the remaining games. Hackles were raised in the […]

How is Von Joshua doing?

The answer depends on how much credit you are willing to give Joshua for Derrek Lee’s resurgence as a power hitter. The timing of Lee’s second-half power burst favors Joshua, as does the following syllogism. a) Lee has been looking for–and turning on–fastballs middle-in, pitches that confounded him during the previous two seasons as he […]

A weak defense

Wittenmyer of the Sun-Times has written a defense of Alfonso Soriano, in which appears this item: It also has been well documented that what drove the price so high had nothing to do with the baseball operations side of the team, nor Jim Hendry. It came directly from the top of an organization that was […]

Guyer regaining prospect status

Along with Colvin and Castro and others, Brandon Guyer will be in the spotlight for five games beginning Thursday night, when the Tennessee Smokies travel to Jackson, TN, for a season-ending series with the West Tenn Diamond Jaxx. The Smokies begin the series alone atop the Southern League’s Northern Division for the second half, with […]