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Waive the coach

Phil Rogers thinks the Cubs should put Zambrano on waivers. Last year the Cubs gave up on Michael Wuertz and Rich Hill. This year it’s hair-pulling time over Zambrano and Marmol. Before they send another once-promising pitcher out the door, maybe they should consider showing the door to the one pitching coach any of these […]

Four underrated prospects

If a prospect is someone who has a good chance of making the major-league team in the not-too-distant future, I like the chances of these four unheralded players. 1) Steve Clevenger. A converted shortstop, Clevenger is a good defensive catcher who throws out over thirty percent of runners attempting to steal. He swings a good […]


An unwritten story about the Cubs is the effect of the performance of certain players on the dollar value of the team. That value is very much at issue since there are still two prospective buyers, and one of them, Thomas Ricketts, has reportedly been trying to lower his $900 million bid by $50 million. […]

Ushering Perry out and Joshua in

I’m probably the wrong person to give Gerald Perry his due. I was leery of a coach with a reputation for raising a team’s OBP, and I called for Perry’s dismissal last October after the offense went flat in the Dodger playoff series, even though a coach should not be blamed for his hitters’ performance […]


Theriot, Fontenot and Miles are often described as scrappy. I think the word is overused and misused. Scrappiness is an attribute possessed by some smallish players with limited skills; but being smallish and having limited skills does not make you scrappy. A scrappy player is aggressive on the bases. He crowds the plate to maximize […]

Mister Left Field

Soriano is hitting .174 in June, after hitting .217 in May. April, when the Cubs were winning, was a long time ago. I don’t think your leadoff hitter can go into a six-week swoon without killing the offense. Soriano is untradeable, and what’s worse, he’s unbenchable. You can’t bench a guy with 5-1/2 years remaining […]

Beat the Cubs? Easy as 1-2-3

Most days, the Cubs 1-2-3 hitters are Soriano, Theriot and Fukudome. In June, these players are hitting a combined .200/.306/.333. They have five RBI among them in June. Fukudome has two doubles and no home runs in June, and has hit one home run since April. (This from a #3 hitter.) All three players had […]

Teflon Larry

I’m surprised how willing some people are to let the Cubs off the hook on the question of, who lost Rich Hill? After all, it was Larry Rothschild who taught Hill the slide-step. This was before Hill had any back issues or elbow issues or control issues–except controlling baserunners. As a general matter, do you […]