Monthly Archives February 2009

Nelson Cruz update

I read in the last two days that Nelson Cruz is likely to be in the opening day lineup for the Rangers, and also that Cruz has been offered a starting position in the Dominican outfield now that Melky Cabrera of the Yankees has dropped out of the World Baseball Classic. I like to track […]

Healthy optimism

I can be as fashionably pessimistic as the next person about Zambrano (wild as a knuckleballer), Lee (swings too late to be a slugger) and Fukudome (scouted by Gary Hughes, not Tim Wilken), but I’m optimistic about Bradley and Soriano staying off the DL. I can see how a slightly overweight Bradley, still youthful and […]

Warning signs about Fukudome

Looking back to December ’07, this news item is noteworthy: [Pacific rim scout Steve] Wilson and several members of the Cubs’ front office watched Fukudome play many times this season, and they came away impressed enough to make him the Cubs’ No. 1 off-season target. Hendry credited Wilson, along with assistant GM Randy Bush and […]