Monthly Archives January 2009

Three problem areas

The Cubs have improved in some areas this winter but there are still three trouble spots. First, they haven’t created an opportunity for Micah Hoffpauir. Hoffpauir was a lefthanded power bat that the Cubs should have gotten into the lineup, even at the expense of Derrek Lee. Fontenot is an additional lefty bat, sure, and […]

Prediction for Pie

This one’s easy. He struggles at the plate for another season or two, gets traded again, but settles in comfortably as the Cardinals’ center fielder in 2011 at age 26.

Hendry’s thirteen

Jim Hendry was on a Chicago radio station last Friday where he was quoted saying that “of the 13 position players currently projected to start the season, 7 either hit left-handed or are switch hitters.” Those two numbers–13 and 7–are pretty good clues as to who will be on the Cubs on opening day and […]

Aaron Miles and Piniella’s rule #1

The easiest way to understand why Joey Gathright is on the Cubs and why the Ryan Theriot of 2007 was still the shortstop at the beginning of ’08–and to gain an insight into various other personnel issues that are mysteries to many fans–is to articulate the following as Lou Piniella’s first rule for getting oneself […]