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Keeping an eye on Pie

Jim Hendry worries me. He thinks of his job as finding a few missing pieces in a large jigsaw puzzle, and he has no qualms about trading prospects to acquire those pieces. I disagree with that philosophy. I think a GM’s job is to make deals that increase the aggregate value of the players on […]

More athletic?

Does anybody know what Lou means when he says that one of the team’s goals in the offseason is to get “more athletic”? He has said this in many interviews, most recently on XM radio yesterday. Lou often speaks cryptically but there’s usually a way to decode the message, and a meaning behind it. Apart […]

These Cubs can hit in October

The Arizona fall and Caribbean winter leagues are a few weeks old now, and several Cub prospects have gotten off to fast starts. It’s possible that some of the missing pieces that the Cubs will be looking for this offseason are to be found in their own back yard. In any event, these Cub prospects […]