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Is Guyer the guy?

Doing anything on Tuesday, July 29th? Go to Wrigley and watch the Peoria Chiefs under Ryne Sandberg as they host the Kane County Cougars in a Midwest League game. The Chiefs are winning lately and are loaded with what seem to be real prospects. I would love to get a peek at the following players, […]

How to solve Marmol’s problem (and Wuertz’s)

I wrote recently that Larry Rothschild had a one-dimensional view of pitching. Here are some recent comments of his (from Cub Bits by Paul Sullivan over the weekend) that can be placed in evidence: Pitching coach Larry Rothschild said Michael Wuertz needs to work on his slider after being demoted to Triple-A Iowa. “He needs […]

Who is Blake Lalli?

Lalli may be the most interesting recent undrafted free-agent signee in the Cub organization. Undrafted free agent: that probably means that a scout liked him but couldn’t convince Tim Wilken to use one of his several dozen draft picks on him. You have to love it when one of these walk-ons gives evidence that he […]

Relax, Jim, you’re trying too hard

Not a good trade. I wouldn’t trade Gallagher, period, and certainly not for a pitcher who, Broglio-like, comes with duct tape included. The argument that “this is the year” and we have to pull out all the stops, etc., is a child’s argument–or a sportswriter’s. Its logic dictates that the Cubs should have traded Soto […]

Fontenot versus DeRosa

As a longtime Fontenot fan, I thought today might be a good day to post this. A lot of Cub fans (on the blogs, at least) seem to consider Fontenot a left-handed version of Ryan Theriot, and they wonder why Lou plays him, sometimes at the expense of DeRosa. Actually, Fontenot is a left-handed version […]

What’s the quickest way to St. Louis from DesMoines?

On June 24th, I mentioned three pitchers performing well in the low- to mid-minors: Jordan Latham, Blake Parker and Casey Lambert. Parker got a call to Iowa last weekend to help out with back-to-back doubleheaders. It’s a pretty good callup when you jump over two teams. He’s obviously on the organization’s radar. Yesterday, Parker was […]