Monthly Archives June 2008

Rothschild pro and con

He dials a mean telephone in the dugout. Other than that, I know of one positive result of Larry Rothschild’s tenure as Cubs’ pitching coach, but it’s a big one. IF YOU GIVE HIM A RIGHT-HANDED PITCHER WITH A GREAT FASTBALL, HE’LL TEACH HIM A KILLER BREAKING BALL. He’s done this again recently with Bob […]

Who lost Rich Hill?

The journalism on Rich Hill’s season-long control lapse has been terrible. There has been no analysis at all, just the ongoing story of a pitcher gone wild, as though the wildness came out of nowhere and was unaccountable. I know exactly where Hill’s wildness started, and so does anybody else who takes the trouble to […]

Boxscore scouting

As a daily consumer of minor-league box scores, I was familiar enough with Jerry Blevins to be disappointed when I heard that the Cubs had traded him for Jason Kendall last year. Even Jim Hendry seemed to strike a reluctant note at the time. “He’s a good, young left-handed reliever,” Hendry said. “He’s really gotten […]

One more to keep an eye on

I can’t help thinking that the Cubs signed Jason Dubois to a minor-league contract and installed him as the cleanup hitter in Iowa for a reason other than old-times’ sake. Dubois was the classic slugger without a position. Even first base and left field were a stretch for him. It’s hard for an unproven hitter […]

Four to keep an eye on

1. Eric Patterson. One of the arguments against the Cubs’ straining too hard to acquire Brian Roberts was that they already had a budding Roberts in the organization in E-Pat. During spring training, as the Roberts deal flickered out, Lou Piniella was taking a good look at Patterson. Lou brought him up to Chicago for […]