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Silva’s parting shot

The fact that he vented is more interesting than anything that he said. The outburst was not surprising, though, since you probably didn’t expect the Mariners to send you an Eagle Scout in exchange for Bradley. While everyone knows that Silva was linked to Bradley, few recall the chain of causation that connects both of […]

Zambrano and Bradley

I grew up watching the Cubs play ball in the afternoon, when I could have been watching soap operas. I feel pretty much the same way today. What I find interesting and relevant about Zambrano is that he doesn’t have very good aim with any of his pitches. His minimal pitching motion is also a […]


Mariners outfielder Milton Bradley was ejected from Friday night’s game against the Reds at Goodyear Ballpark, marking the second straight spring contest from which he’s been tossed. On Friday night in the top of the fourth inning, Bradley, who started in left field and hit an RBI double in the first, appeared to dispute a […]

Bradley’s replacement

The Cubs’ second biggest problem with Milton Bradley was his personality. Larger even than the chip on Bradley’s shoulder was his inability to fulfill the role of run producer, the proper role of a right fielder. Bradley ended the season (via suspension on September 20) with forty runs batted in and a slugging percentage below […]

No news is good news

The Cub team that I’m excited about is a couple years away, but 2010 is shaping up as a solid season, largely because Jim Hendry has been demonstrating the same patience and shrewdness in selecting players that new owner Tom Ricketts has applied to the choice of a spring-training site. Hendry corrected a few old […]

Wait till next year (at AA)

Tyler Colvin had a decent half season at Tennessee (AA) and got called up in September. Starlin Castro had a good half season at Tennessee and is expected by many people to join the Cubs soon. (He’ll be twenty in March.) It’s hard to predict the future of any prospect but we can say with […]

First do no harm

So far, Josh Vitters looks like a beta version of the player he will become. By contrast, Starlin Castro, Hak-Ju Lee, Brett Jackson and D.J. LeMahieu have shown polished two-way skills that may propel them to the majors while Vitters is working on his glove, his plate discipline, his power stroke. Either way–whoever gets there […]


Money talks, and so I fully expect Milton Bradley to be back in the Cub lineup next year. Bradley’s previous employers were careful to maintain leverage over him, so they could jettison him on a moment’s notice. Cleveland traded Bradley in April of ’04, and Oakland DFA’d him early in 2007. In both cases, the […]

How is Von Joshua doing?

The answer depends on how much credit you are willing to give Joshua for Derrek Lee’s resurgence as a power hitter. The timing of Lee’s second-half power burst favors Joshua, as does the following syllogism. a) Lee has been looking for–and turning on–fastballs middle-in, pitches that confounded him during the previous two seasons as he […]

A weak defense

Wittenmyer of the Sun-Times has written a defense of Alfonso Soriano, in which appears this item: It also has been well documented that what drove the price so high had nothing to do with the baseball operations side of the team, nor Jim Hendry. It came directly from the top of an organization that was […]